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Sunday, December 6, 2015

BJJ in a Box

If you haven't noticed, nearly everything can come delivered to your home in a box these days.
Personally, I've never been blessed enough to have been gifted the "Jelly of the Month Club" from the WBS Office--or any other office for that matter. But I have belonged to a wine of the month and, most recently, Blue Apron (Blue Apron delivers ingredients and instructions for  meals weekly (kinda dope)).

BJJ is not to be excluded from that growing fad. If you haven't been paying attention lately, there are a ton of BJJ-related products out there; and said products are looking to gain traction and becomes a mat-hold-name (see what I did there?). These monthly subscription boxes are a great place for these new guys to establish their name, and for the already more recognizable names to continue to expand on their fan base by reaching out to a target audience. That's where these subscription boxes come in. They deliver a fair amount of BJJ goods to you in a box monthly. Now like other--non-BJJ related--subscription services, you don't really know what you're going to get monthly; but that's part of the fun. In our world (BJJ) there are a few of these services, but today we're going to talk about how sweet the OSS Box is. Why? Well I wanted to do a blog on these services and put them all through a vetting process and OSS Box was the one I liked the best. I liked OSS Box because, like WBS, it was started as a way to give back to the community in a way that's meant to be helpful--by getting new products in the hands of the people who will use them. In their own words: "We are a subscription box service that provides you, the BJJ enthusiast, with awesome products delivered right to your doorstep every month. We work hard at picking the best and most awesome products to satisfy all your grappling needs, wants, and desires. I started The OSS Box because I always have a hard time picking out what kind of products to buy and where to buy them from as there are so many different items and places to get them from. The OSS box is a way to get awesome products from awesome companies into the hands of subscribers like you. The BJJ community is a tight one, so our idea is to have The OSS Box serve as a gateway for our subscribers to be introduced to companies, whether existing or new and the products that will benefit them on and off the mats."

Christmas-esque Suspense 

Since that was close to my intention with WBS, I thought with that sort of mission in mind, the two of us would make a good tag team, OSS Box agreed, and now here we are.

So the WBS Office was eagerly awaiting the OSS Box delivery. I knew a tshirt was coming, at least, because I was asked to give my size (XL if any of you all wanna get at your boy here), but other than that I had no idea. So when the box came in the mail I couldn't wait to get it open.

Now listen, this may sound a little like a commercial, but let's keep it real--it's not. I want to highlight how cool the stuff is that OSS Box provided. Of course OSS Box sponsored the blog, but I think I've explained my reasons why loud and clear enough. But, like all things in BJJ, one more time won't hurt.

The Big Reveal

So I open the box and there it is--this month's haul. Up front you can see Gi Soal and some wild drink thingy. But upon further investigation this box had some more goodies. Specifically, a bag of protein chips, a protein bar, that "drink thingy" was actually two cool little funnels (one with a bigger mouth than the other) that you can use to pour protein--or whatever powder--into a standard water bottle, some stickers, and the tshirt.
The Haul

The Happy Customer

So as you can see, you get a fair share of products for $23.65 a month.

But, for the month of December, if you use the code word "WBS20" you can save 20% off of your first box.

Let's consider the math without using math. You're going to spend $24 a month on something stupid (coffee, beef jerky, beers, etc) so why not redirect that to something that will be beneficial to you and your BJJ? It's more stupid not to. Obviously you're a WBS fan, so if you've been considering a monthly subscription box, use the WBS approved OSS Box.  But if you want some more convincing, I'll let the good folks of OSS Box put it in their own words again:

"By offering amazing items in our monthly subscription boxes, I'm hoping that BJJ can become more a part of your everyday, training and life.

I am a BJJ fanatic myself. I have been training for two years now and currently am a blue belt. I have a background in Judo and Wrestling as well. I live, breath, and train BJJ every waking moment. I can truly say that BJJ changed my life for the better. 

We are based out of NYC. The boxes ship out the last week of every month so the subscribers will have it in their hands by the first of week of the box month. We have a cut off date that subscribers need to sign up by in order to get their next box. So for example our next box will be the January Box, so new subscribers have to sign up by December 15th in order to receive it the first week of January, if they sign up after the cut off date they will receive the February Box first. "

Not bad, huh? Good people, that OSS Box. Let's recap: I wanted to blog about one of these services, I looked at a few and OSS Box was the best one (further corroborated by their statements/stances). OSS Box was kind enough to offer that promo code for the month of December of WBS20 to save your White Belt lovin-self 20% off your first box.  Get yourself a gift, gift it to a friend, help out a great company--and ipso facto a handful of other great companies--in our community all while receiving products you'll use and love. The tshirt I got from RollJunkie is cool and good quality, the funnel things from Shoot N Shake work perfect and I love them. My overall experience with OSS Box was exactly what I wanted. My dealings with the people behind the scenes was more than pleasant, just like all BJJ people. I vouch for them. Plus, getting random BJJ stuff in the mail just rules.

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