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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tapping Online Resources

You may be shocked to learn that WBS isn't the only online resource for BJJ stuff. I know, I know, you're shocked. But dig this: the Internet is a wild and wonderful place where knowledge is unrestricted and fact checked by Internet Trolls. BJJ is such an ever-evolving sport that such knowledge is able to be shared, for free, and still allow people to make a living doing what they love. In this post we're going to spotlight some of my favorites. I'm certain that in the future there will be more posts just like this where we'll look at some others, but this is the list, for now.

1) Reddit is sweet, but the sub-Reddit pages are wormholes of delicious topic-specific knowledge for you to gobble up. BJJ, of course, has its own sub-Reddit /r/BJJ

In this sub-Reddit you'll find a ton of links to new BJJ stuff. If you're not familiar with how Reddit works, it's pretty cool. Links climb the rankings to the top of the front page based on the volume up UP Votes they receive. An UP Vote is positive, and conversely, a DOWN Vote is bad. The reader votes accordingly. So, the front page will have the links that are currently receiving the most UP votes and the subsequent pages will have less popular links in descending order. 
 Why is that cool? Well, it's a huge community. You can pretty much bank on finding interesting and useful stuff here that's currently relevant to today's BJJ. Tomorrow's BJJ will be completely different and so will the front page of /r/BJJ. This is where you can go to see, read, and discuss all things that are currently happening in the community. It's also where you can meet and talk to some new people, and sometimes big names in BJJ (Keenan posts on there often). My friend Matt Kirtley (AKA Aesopian) is also a mod there. So go read and say hi to Matt.

2) Instagram is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to get new BJJ moves and see the community. By Following BJJ people (Like Jesse WBS, your favorite online BJJ blogger--So ADD) you can see pictures and video of things that they're doing and what they're up to.

Additionally, as you can see in the picture here, you have the ability to search various hashtags to be able to see subject specific content. I like to look up stuff for inspiration and motivation. It's also cool to see your favorite athletes personally posting things from their training and personal lives. 

Why is that cool? It's cool because it's handy; and like Reddit, it's always changing and moving along to the next post. You can download the app to your phone and literally have new BJJ material at your fingertips--that's cool. It's also inspirational to see pictures and videos of just normal BJJ players out there training and living the #jiujitsulifestyle. You can Like pictures and video, meet and connect with friends and athletes, and get your BJJ fix in those down times without having to get on the mat.

 3) Kurt Osiander Move of the Week

First of all, no one is cooler than Kurt. Kurt's BJJ Heroes Bio will break it down for you if you don't know who he is, but he's--more or less--your cool uncle in the BJJ family. 

Kurt started doing his YouTube web series, Move of the Week a few years ago and it's been completely useful and absolutely a must to work into your off-the-mat schedule if you're not doing it already. Every week Kurt posts a short video, usually about 3 minutes, with some new move for you to work into your game. Sometimes it's not something that you're currently working on, but it's good to watch it to not only know that the move exists (and can and will be used against you), but in case you want to come back to that move later. 

Why is that cool? Well Kurt is one of Ralph Gracie's main instructors at his main San Francisco gym, so it's basically like getting some sweet one on one time every week with one of the coolest and best instructors out there--for free. YouTube also has a app for you to subscribe to the channel, but if you have a phone capable of apps. you can also Google it later if you don't want to bother with the app (or come back to this post for the link (ily)). Kurt has an honest approach to BJJ that lends to the younger generation a fun sense of seriousness. When Kurt uses swear words, it's like when you were a kid and an adult used them with you casually. Check Kurt out each week for something cool, fun, and free. And that's cool.

Kaeli Sweigard is your favorite White Belt, you just don't know it yet. Kaeli runs her blog,, and consistently puts out fun and informative content.  What's different about her approach is that she admits to being scared and through that she continues to push through it to inspire others. 

Kaeli often has guest posts--your's truly wrote something for her that you can read here--that will give you fun stories and pointers for surviving BJJ. Kaeli will also tell you all about her trials and tribulations with BJJ. It's fun to follow along with her (especially if you're also a struggling White Belt) and share her feelings. Beyond that, she's also a great human. She's super smart and very inspirational. She's into nutrition and will often help me during my weight cutting with positive vibes, encouragement to eat more "green things."

Why is that cool?  Well, man, we've all been there. We've all been terrified of setting foot on the mat and grinding it out again. We've all thought about how we'll 'never get better,' but Kaeli has the balls to put it out there for the world to read. She's very active on all social media, too, so chances are if you need some inspiration or motivation and ask her, she'll deliver. She also makes BJJ-themed coloring book pages for all those little ones in your life who don't have that. Now what's cooler than that?

That wraps the list--for now. As I mentioned, there's so much cool stuff out there that this post would be entirely too long, so we'll revisit this topic a little later on down the line. I already know of some things I want to highlight, but for now, I think this is a good mix of the obvious, to the less obvious. PS. I just text Kaeli that I'm putting her webite in this week's WBS and she text back "hahaha OMG, I'm terrified, but excited." See what I mean? So let's wrap there. Obviously, if there's something you guys want to see featured on here, let me know! I'm now available on all forms of social media at WBSurvival, but here's the links:

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